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The mission of Project MaeCon is to progressively initiate and foster a client-centered atmosphere, rooted in values of high standards and ethics. Through ‘outside of the box’ thinking to penetrate our client’s niche marketing, we deliver results that are not just expected but deserved. Through continuous improvement, we promote personal employee growth and expansion outside of the San Antonio and Austin area.

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Project MaeCon is committed to pushing the boundaries of traditional mass marketing methods. We look to offer clients a new-age twist to the age-old belief that business is best done over a smile and handshake. We vow to provide professional representation for our clients, ample career growth to our team, and challenging work that stimulates personal and professional development.

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Our approach is valuable to our clients in that everything we do is face-to-face; we act as personal liaisons between our clients and customers. By doing so, Project MaeCon is able to drive results to our clients by increasing brand recognition and increasing their customer base. We work with the most exceptional leaders of the marketing industry and are honored to represent our extensive client portfolio.

Who We Are In Short

Privately owned and operated, Project MaeCon is a booming marketing and sales consulting firm based in San Antonio and  Austin, TX. We’re partnered with top telecommunication companies to represent their brand through face-to-face marketing and sales strategies. At Project MaeCon, we’re focused on excellence and expansion and are projected to expand to 2 new markets this year.

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Work hard in silence; let your success make the noise. ~Frank Ocean.